Thursday, August 27, 2009

To sell or not to sell

Instead of writing a book about my thoughts toward Spain...I took the easy way out. I have 7th grade writing class to thank for this one.

Liberation (n): A feeling or experience coming from the art of packing everything you own (and actually feel a need for over a period of 3 1/2 months) in a 50 lb suitcase. Only, every item becomes increasingly more analyzed and defined a necessity or a want, the latter being discarded to your closet. Then you realize there is almost nothing in the suitcase anymore.

Anticipate (v): To grow in excitement towards an experience unlike anything you have encountered before while expecting to benefit from the knowledge which is gained. Although, in an array of uncertainty, it would be nice to be certain about how to get from the plane to the train.

Within (prep): ...My thoughts, my prayers, my mixed emotions, that which I have attempted to convey but feel with each sentence I have only given an even fainter picture of what is ahead.

Faithfully (adv): The way in which my family and friends have encouraged me and supported me. I value the prayers of the Body of Christ and cannot wait to share about what takes place this semester in Spain!

He (pron): He is. I was reading earlier this week in Matthew 13 about the merchant who found a pearl of great value. He sold everything he had to buy it. Everything. As any good merchant would, I am sure he compared the quality of each pearl he had ever seen. Of course, he quickly realized he had to have this one. With no money in pocket, it took selling all the other stuff in his life to even come close to paying for the pearl...but it was worth it.

I'm ready to go. Of course, I only am beginning to feel a piece of what it would mean to leave a lot behind for the sake of the gospel, but have I not come to learn the value of walking closely with the Lord?

Well, I am in the process of learning...and I need to put a few things up for sale