Sunday, November 22, 2009

Futbol and fried fish that stares at you.

It's wierd to turn the pages on the calendar and see approaching the day circled that indicates my flight home. 28 days. My dad so kindly reminded me of this count down the other day as I talked through all that's coming up in these next few weeks. I definitely carry around mixed emotions about this, pulling out the "It's time to go home!" thought each time the due date of what seems to be my seventh final project is mentioned. But better yet, to remain positive, I pull out the "Change flight now" emotion each time I meet someone new or the realization of the life I am used to here in Sevilla sets in.

I was shocked this past weekend when my spanish friends allowed me, a girl (which is not extremely normal), to play in their pick-up futbol game. In something as grand as this, there is of course a pressure to do well which accompanies this permission as well as a special bit of grace considering I have never played the sport in my life. Nevertheless, it was fun and that's all I would have asked for.

To continue in a description of my new experiences, I went to my first salsa fiesta hosted by the dance academy where I have been taking classes. I learned one major thing. Level 1 really means level 1. "Lo siento. Estoy aprendiendo." became my key phrase amongst the rigid spins and slight trip ups. I really do love it though!

For the poor college student: To give a short culture lesson...I learned a bit more about tapeando this weekend.

Tapeando: (v) The art of going from tapa bar to tapa bar, sharing tapas ( a smaller portion of delicious food...usually fish, meat, or potatoes) with friends, and having the waiter split the bill evenly in the end.

Lets just say...if you eat and drink alot, this is the activity for you. If not, get ready to help out all your friends by contributing funds for their meal.
Yet, really though, I found alot of fun in eating from place to place, and I didnt even have to decide just one thing. Saammplles.

And to close out this evening, if you would like to know more about Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, a famous Spanish poet, please feel free to ask, even though it might resemble something more like a wikipedia answer. Two presentations and a paper on the subject should come in handy at some other point in my life.

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