Sunday, November 15, 2009

"I'd like that to go, please."

It has become a joke but everyday I tend to finish my lunch way before anyone else at the table. Of course I am convinced that everyone else eats incredibly slow, but they think otherwise...and then I get the lecture about how bad it is for you to eat too quickly.

If you know me at all, you know I am a goal oriented person. It comes sometimes in the form of skewed priorities or anti-procrastination which causes me to be unsettled until something is out of the way. I love the feeling of completion and live for moments when I have absolutely nothing that remains on my list. (No, this never really happens, but I can try to convince myself otherwise.)

Overall, I have been really challenged with the struggle that I face having a personality like this one. While in Spain, I have been learning to enjoy opportunities and realize everything can't just be "completed." (If this were so, I would have pathetically ordered five good Spanish friends online two months ago and avoided the patience required in building relationships in the midst of strong language and culture barriers.)

1. I am always on a mission. At first, I thought it was crazy that Spaniards could literally go from site to site, bar to bar, with no plan in mind other than hanging out and talking to each other (My usual question: "Where are we going?" Response: "Wherever.")
2. I don't slow down enough. I have yet to see a drive thru here. (As a Sevillano sees it, why would anyone skip their break to eat?...p.s. we did see a "walk-thru" at the McDonalds in Madrid)
3. I love to climb trees. (This has nothing to do with Spain, I just thought I needed a number 3. It's true though.)

So, maybe both of our cultures do have some areas that need work, but its obvious that I have to work on enjoying people and relationships around me when I have the opportunity. Yes, I still get my homework done, but maybe for me it means staying up a few minutes later at night in order to save time to sit and talk after lunch (and this includes eating it much more slowly)...or in general, remembering relationships are more important than marking something off a list.


  1. Great Job with the slowing down ;) I sometimes have that problem too, but recently I've noticed more and more things, and when I do it seems like I'm going slower. Nature is so wonderfull(yes I spelled it that way on purpose ;)) and Trees are SOO FUN to climb!! I've recently climbed some at UNCG and in our woods with David and Alexis.
    This week (Fri, Sat, Sun(morning)) we're being the host home for 3 girls and their chauffeur from the DARAJA Kenyan Choir that comes to the US and Rich Fork every year. It's pretty fun and thay're all really cool.
    Well hope to be able to see you sometime after you get back :D
    All here say Hola!

  2. God-people-goals-other

    That's my official order of priority. But like you, I have an incredibly hard time actually following it. I'm generally doing good just to keep God above goals and other.

    -John G